Boomers Fret Over Cost, Proximity in Caring for Parents, Survey Finds

Some baby boomers are worrying about the financial costs of caring for their aging parents, and whether they’ll be able to live close to them as they age.

That’s one of the insights contained within a new survey commissioned by Capital Senior Living (NYSE: CSU) about baby boomers’ attitudes as they juggle taking care of their parents and living their own lives. The survey, which was conducted by market research company OnePoll, was sent to 2,000 baby boomers.–dVo3HpJuC9OIxrjhMXpFvMcndx-FnJOMO4b6VdTsAyZR3HQIrAsvhP3UNrH0BYseqZjJyIGM8kw_9RK7PyKyBSL1Ugg&_hsmi=67638433